STEAM Sensors


The Booklet

  • Grades 7 and up
  • Physical Build Only Project Versions (no digital simulation) 
  • 24 full-color pages
  • 6 Hands-on projects in Four Sections (Building Blocks, Inputs and Controls, Sensors, Combining Inputs, and Controls)
  • 15 Project Extensions
  • 4 Project Skills Tutorials
  • Integration with Visualization Program, "Processing"




Get this custom add-on kit!

You will need an Arduino Uno or Uno compatible microcontroller as well as soil moisture sensor. 

The kit includes a digital download of the booklet or purchase a copy.



Content and Skills Developed

  • Integrated into STEAM content areas
  • Coding in Arduino C / C++
  • Engineering Design
  • Tools for Project-Based Learning
  • 21st Century Skills Development
  • Project Management
  • Open-source Skills

Student Resources

  • Step by Step Directions
  • Project Material Lists
  • Full-Color Photos and Diagrams
  • Digital Prototyping
  • Tested C / C++ Code

Teacher Resources 

In the Book

  • Assessments
  • Project Rubric
  • Project Extensions

Free with Order

  • Project Extensions
  • Pacing Guide
  • Additional Standards Alignments (ISTE, NGSS, CC, USCS, AEEE)
  • Project Updates
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Parts Lists
  • Links
  • Additional Rubrics
  • Acknowledgments
  • Using Chromebooks with Projects

Premium Online (order online)

  • Code delivered through Arduino® Create
  • Diagrams
  • Photos

* Project Kits, Parts, and Materials Sold Separately