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Code Physical Computing Can Be Used to Meet CS Requirements admin

Computer science teachers have well-defined requirements to meet as they introduce students to programming.

F Are we failing at teaching failure? PART 1 Peter

We are writing a series of blogs to respond to the growing movement in business and education (dare we say celebration) of “failing fast,” “failing forward,” or “failing forward fast.”

Meantime The "A" in STEAM Peter

As I have been speaking to individuals and groups about The Arduino Classroom: Volume One and finalizing doing the standards analysis, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the Allied Arts presented in the book.

My Journey My Arduino Journey Isabel

Living and teaching in one of the most industrial and technologically advanced cities in Mexico has given me a unique perspective and opportunity to be a teacher here.

Titan Scientists, Engineers, and Coders Peter

Over the past 20 years, I have met, filmed, written about, and followed dozens of scientists and explorers. I have always found that these scientists brilliant, inspirational, and technologically savvy.