The Arduino Classroom: STEAM Edition, Volume 1

Joe G, Engineering and Coding Teacher Texas

10 thumbs up!

Mylene Abiva , President – FELTA Multi-Media Inc.

FELTA continues to be the trailblazer and leader in School technology and innovative Education in the Philippines. Our partnership with Gearbox Labs, Inc. is a testament to bringing only the BEST to the Filipino learners.

Stacey Rudolph, Founder Full STEAM Ahead, LLC

Having less than minimal coding experience, I was intimidated at the thought of picking up these materials and using them for teaching.  I mean, it is a pretty hefty curriculum and the thought of reading a coding book was, well... daunting.  Then I cracked it open.  From the start, I could see that this was designed by educators for educators.  All the information I needed was right there!  Content to bring me up to speed (but not overwhelm), guidance on how to support student learning, assessment suggestions, STEAM connections, extensions… everything!  I think my favorite part is the way the PBL model was implemented.  When designed correctly, a PBL can be unbelievably effective.  It is so rare that this happens and this is one of those instances. 

Knowing how to code is becoming a necessity to survive in the STEAM environment.  If we don’t start integrating it into STEAM classrooms our students will fall behind.  Whether you are an expert or novice, The Arduino Classroom is an excellent way to start the process.

John Stafford via Facebook 

Mayda Navarro, Maestra, Geografia e Historia (Teacher Geography and History)

La instrucción de la licenciada Isabel Mendiola durante los cursos de robótica fue excelente, algo tan complejo lo explicó a todos los maestros de una forma sencilla aplicada a los usos de la tecnología en la vida diaria.